Beginners at Ashtanga Yoga Victoria

Learning Mysore style is an at-your-own-pace practice.
If you're a beginner, here is what you can expect.

Your First Ashtanga Yoga Victoria Mysore Class

"Ashtanga is not about the destination, it's about the journey."

Upon arriving to your first Mysore Style class you will be greeted by the teacher who will take some time to get to know you, including your current fitness level, any injuries you may have, and what you are looking to get out of yoga. 

We start every class with an opening chant.  If you've missed it, then it's not a big deal.  If you're there in time - just stand at the front of your mat with your hands in a prayer position and enjoy the good vibrations. 

After the chant (or if we've already done it before you arrived) you will be guided through the initial asanas (postures) of the Ashtanga opening series.  The opening series is the set of asanas that you do at the beginning of every mysore practice.

You will then be asked to repeat those asanas.  This helps you commit them to memory, as well as practice your breathing and grounding your core.  Breathing properly, and grounding your core are essential to progressing through the series, as well as avoiding injury.

For some students, their first practice consists only of repeating the first 2 asanas in the opening series.  For others, they progress all the way through the opening series and into some more advanced standing asanas.  If the teacher only shows you the first couple asanas, don't get discouraged!  Each asana is designed to prepare you for the rest of the series.  The teacher will use their experience to ensure you progress as quickly and safely as possible.

Achieving the Most Benefit from Ashtanga Yoga

"You get out of Ashtanga, what you put into Ashtanga."

New students are encouraged to come in and practice at least twice per week.  However, if you wish to see faster progress, then you can come up to 6 days per week (4 to 5 mysore, 1 to 2 led).

Always take a rest day. In Ashtanga, moon days are rest days. These are in addition to a regular rest day each week. You may choose your own rest day, however it is traditionally Sunday.At AYVic we take Saturday as our rest day, but we understand people's schedules are different we still offer some classes.Rest days allow our body to adjust and recover from the strain we have put on it through yoga. Not taking a rest day is a recipe for injury.

At the end of your practice, it may be tempting to just get up and rush out the door.  Please avoid this.  One of the most important asanas is called "Savasana".  This is where, at the end of your practice you lie down, relax and breathe normally.  This allows your nervous system to "reset".  Do this at least until your sweat starts to dry (typically 5 to 10 minutes).