What is Mysore?

Your self-practice

Different than the western studio model of “follow the leader:, The Mysore method is a student-centered approach to practicing yoga. No experience or memorization is necessary to start.  If you are new to the practice, the teacher is there from the beginning and continues to guide you individually throughout your practice. This self-led method allows students to practice to their own breath pace, under the guidance of a teacher, in the group setting. Our senior teachers all have extensive personal Mysore practice and teaching experience in order to support each student wherever they are at.  From first-timers to 20-year practitioners, all students practice in the same space.

Why Mysore?

Personalized to your needs

Led classes can help students build a yogic foundation—but self-led classes are where you experience true transformation. Because time slots are open and you can arrive any time within them, you don’t have to stress yourself out to “get to yoga”.  Work through challenges every time you step on the mat, and experience personal, meaningful change with every practice.

Work at your own pace

Flow through postures with your own breath, to the level of your abilities and needs.

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Practice when you can

With convenient class times and flexible start times, you can drop in when you’re free.

Take it anywhere

Take your practice home, tapping into the knowledge you acquired during class.

Build your strength

Build physical and mental strength as you progress through postures.