Online Yoga Classes

Live Stream and Recorded Classes for Your Home Practice

Maybe you’re not quite ready or able to come into the studio yet. Perhaps you’re out of town or  you would rather just stay home to practice. Well, we’ve got you covered with live stream and recorded online yoga classes. We live stream a blend of Mysore and Led Classes throughout the week. Our recorded library is a an archived collection of our most popular classes.

Missed your favourite led class? With our all-access pass, you have access our recorded archives – a collection of our most popular classes with your favorite teachers.  If you don’t have a pass with us, buy one here, or feel free to drop-in through our schedule.

Recorded Classes

We have a library of archived recorded classes available that you can follow whenever works for you. These are locked classes and are part of our all-access pass offering and meant to supplement in-studio or live streamed classes. Buy one here.

Joining, Etiquette, and Schedule

How to have the best Online Yoga Experience

How to Join a Class
  1. Download the Zoom App here
  2. Join Meeting  250-590-4115
  3. Update your name
  4. Enter the Password (In your Email: Title is “Online Yoga Class Password”)
  5. Click “Join with Video”
  6. You will be automatically muted. For Mysore, the teacher will request you to un-mute when appropriate.
  7. Check your video and make sure we can see you (see below for more tips), you must check in to class with video.
For led classes - You are muted

There are three reasons for this;

  1. Everyone can hear what everyone else is saying. Muting helps keep the online practice room as quiet as possible.
  2. Home practices are prone to disruption. Your kids and dogs are very cute, but can also be distracting to others.
  3. When recording, our software automatically records the video of the speaker. Muting ensures you won’t accidentally be recorded during a led class (Mysore classes are not recorded)
How to get the teachers attention

To get a teachers attention you have 2 options;

  1. Sit and wait.  The teacher will address you soon.
  2. Put your hand up. Yes. This still works.
  3. Use the chat feature, however note that during a led class it is unlikely the teacher will respond.
Make it Easy for us to See You

When setting up your video, here are some tips to make it easy for us to see you.

  1. Set up your mat so we can see your side profile.
  2. Place your smartphone/computer/tablet between yourself and a window or light source.
  3. Keep all lights above you, or in front of you on (turn off that lamp behind you.)
  4. If you can, it’s best if we can see your whole body.
Live Stream Schedule (click class to drop-in)