Find your go-to class

From Mysore Method classes where you can drop-in and flow at your own pace to typical western led classes with strict start times, we have a class for everyone. Work around your changing schedule or stick to a specific routine at your go-to yoga classes —the choice is always yours.

Mysore Classes (Personalized Practice)

Mysore Method

Offered throughout the week, our Mysore classes are open for students of all levels to come at a time that’s convenient and stay as long as they like, whether it’s a quick 30 minutes or longer. With an accessible, experienced teacher in the studio to guide you, you’ll have the one-on-one support you need to adjust your form, modify your postures, and take you deeper when you’re ready. This is where you develop a personal practice, think of it as a private class within the setting of a group.

Dynamic Classes (Led)

Beginners Program (Pre-Registered)

Designed for first-time yogis, our Beginners Program prepares you with a foundation in Ashtanga Vinyasa and helps you remember the basics of technique, alignment and breath in foundational postures.  After your four classes, you’re confident practicing in the Mysore Method and choosing your other classes.  This program also serves as an excellent foundation to regularly attend vinyasa and other led class styles.

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Ashtanga Basics and Basics Plus

If you prefer led classes or  you’ve started to build a yogic foundation in our Beginners Program or Mysore room, you’ll be able to follow the flow of this led foundational Ashtanga Vinyasa class, perfecting your form, from standing to seated. It’s the perfect class for students transitioning from other styles of asana.

Half Primary Series

Designed for Ashtanga practitioners or those who’ve been practicing free form vinyasa for a while and are looking to grow their practice. Half Primary Series includes sun salutations, a set of standing asanas, balance, the seated sequence of forward bending and hip openers, and the full finishing inversion series and has less technical instruction than our Basics class. More Sanskrit is used. This will challenge intermediate students to test their boundaries.

Full Primary Series

Designed for seasoned practitioners only, the Full Primary Series includes the foundational sequence, 41 floor asanas, and the traditional restorative finishing. It’s counted in Sanskrit and can challenge advanced students. It is designed to keep practitioners focused on the rhythm of the breath with specific pacing while developing stamina.


A class that welcomes all levels. Our Vinyasa classes focus on fluidity of breath in transitions and while maintaining stability in postures with purposeful sequencing and variations.

Core Vinyasa

A class that welcomes all levels, Core Vinyasa focuses on fluidity of breath with an emphasis on core engagement, spinal support and play.  Prepare to burn.

Sunday Sangha

This community class is led by our recent Yoga Teacher Training graduates. Open to all levels.  Drop-in donation rate is $7, which goes directly to fund our Teacher Training diversity scholarship program.

Still Classes (Led)

Yin Yoga

Still, long held floor based poses invite in a deep stretch and new sense of spaciousness and relaxation in the body in Yin Yoga. Coaxing the mind to be present and aware through this stillness builds mental resilience from the inside out.

Restorative Yoga

Explore what it means to rest deeply. A nourishing supported practice, specifically designed to bring harmony to your nervous system.  Leaving you feeling recharged and reconnected to yourself.