About Ashtanga Yoga Victoria

We teach Ashtanga Yoga to a community who strives for self-betterment, is committed to health, and desires individual connection, all while balancing the need for convenience and flexibility in the 21st century.

We do this by giving students individual 1-on-1 instruction during convenient open practice sessions called Mysore. During Mysore practice, students arrive when they can, and stay as long as they can (usually 45 to 90 minutes). A teacher is constantly present to guide and assist the student's development

A Victoria Yoga Studio: Mysore & More

The only studio (shala) offering Mysore Ashtanga yoga and led yoga classes in Victoria BC, our students come to us for many reasons.  For some, they just want to be more fit and mobile.  Others, want to recover from injury.  And some, are looking for an outlet for stress and negative mental energy.  The overlying theme is that our students finish class feeling better mentally, physically, and spiritually.

At AYVic we believe in quality, not quantity. We keep an extremely short list of highly qualified teachers, and we focus on Ashtanga Mysore, and Ashtanga based Flow & Vinyasa.  We also believe in balance, and for this reason we offer yin yoga, and restorative yoga throughout the week.

The Ashtanga Yoga Victoria Difference

Grounded in tradition, with individual attention, focused on personal growth.

The Mysore teaching method is unique to Ashtanga. It's an "at-your-own pace" yoga practice, under the guidance of a highly experienced teacher. Students arrive during the open "Mysore" practice times to complete their practice.  This traditional system of learning yoga provides the personal instruction you need to grow and improve where you need it most.  Students receive so much help from the teacher, it's like they're the only student in the room.

Beyond our unique class style, the second big difference between us and some other yoga studios, is found in how we approach the challenges you encounter in yoga.

We know that eventually, in Ashtanga, you will get stuck.  There will be a posture that you just can't seem to get past.  While some teachers would have you just keep practicing the full posture to the best of your ability until you can finally do it right, sort of like banging your head against a wall until it breaks. 

Instead, we teach you modifications, developed from years of education, training and experience, that will act as training wheels until you're ready to do the full posture.  You progress faster, and do so safely.  Just one more reason that the Mysore Method is the best way to learn Ashtanga Yoga.