Do's and Do Not's of Yoga

Follow these basic guidelines in order to get the most you can out of your yoga practice.

Before your yoga practice

1. Do not eat for about 3 hours or drink for 1 hour before practice.

Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. If you need to, eat something light and easily digestible.  This will make it easier to keep mula bandha active (grounding your core), help you avoid injury and progress faster.

2. Come Clean

Personal hygiene is an integral part of your yoga practice! Please shower, clean your mat, and wash towels, clothing, and yoga rugs regularly. Out of respect for the other students and teachers you are sharing space with, if you are practicing in the morning it is recommended that you please shower before coming and always wear something to minimize body odor (e.g. Natural Routine deodorant). Your fellow yogis will thank you!

3. Pick Appropriate Clothing

Wear anything comfortable that will stretch as you move.  It doesn't have to be Lulu's, or anything flashy.  So don't worry about matching.  No one is going to notice except for you.  And practice is done in bare feet so don't worry about shoes!

Upon Arrival

1. Try to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early

This is so you can meet the teacher, get acquainted with AY Vic and take care of any administration.

2. Please remove your shoes at reception.

​Don't worry.  We haven't had a shoe theft in weeks.

3. Inform your teacher of any injuries or health conditions you are experiencing.

It is extremely important they know these details.  If you have injuries, we want to make sure we help you heal them, not hurt them more.  All our teachers are well versed in modifying asanas to prevent and recover from injuries.

During your yoga practice

1. Follow the teacher's guidance.

Our teachers are here to help you get what you need out of yoga.  We only hire highly experienced, trained, and gifted teachers. For your safety, and fastest progress, please follow their direction.

2. Try not to drink water.

Drinking water during yoga makes it harder to maintain pelvic grounding, opening yourself up to injury.  It can also be a distraction from the flow of practice. If you feel you need to bring a bottle into class, please store it on shelves provided at the back of the studio.  Because heat is generated internally, causing sweat, for safety reasons, we do not artificially heat our room beyond normal temperatures.

3. Store all possessions on the shelves provided.

We have limited practice space, so please only bring your mat(s) and necessary props into the Mysore room. 

4. Set all mobile phones and PDA's to silent or off mode.

​We understand the desire to always keep your smart phone on, and beside you at all times (we own them too!). However, in order to not disrupt your practice, or others, please set them to silent (not vibrate) or turn them off.

These devices are best stored along with your other posessions on the shelves provided.

5. Focus

Most importantly, Focus on your breathing, maintain an active moola bonda (grounding your core) and immerse yourself in moving meditation. This is why we leave our smartphones outside of the room.  And only here will you find progress and growth.

After your yoga practice

1. Drink lots of water. 

After Practice is the time to drink water.  Being well hydrated will improve your joints and help reduce any muscle soreness caused by lactic acid built up during practice. It will also help flush out any toxins released during practice.

2. Re-Commit to Practice

As you start Ashtanga, it can sometimes be frustrating, or may seem too challenging.  But nothing worth doing is easy. If you commit to coming again (even if you're sore, or tired), then you will overcome your challenges, and your frustrations will disappear.