Stronger Every Day in 2018

Start with our Beginner's Yoga program

In 4 highly specialized classes you will;

  • Learn a foundational practice
  • Understand How to Breathe Properly
  • Learn Correct Technique for each posture

$108* full program

Beginner's is Pre-Registered, 1 class per week for 4 weeks. Full program includes 1-month of unlimited access to all other classes.

 Due to the systematic teaching process, we cannot accept drop-ins mid program.  Students who register will be contacted to arrange a  specific class time that immediately fits their schedule.

Next Programs: Tuesday Feb 6, 6pm  Register 

*$30 add-on for the 4 Beginner Classes available for existing pass holders online or in studio.

AYVic: An Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Victoria BC

Improve fitness and reduce stress while learning Ashtanga Yoga, one of the original Yoga systems at Ashtanga Yoga Victoria. Located downtown Victoria, we focus on a Mysore teaching method where you will experience 1-on-1 guidance within a group setting, all during our open practice times called Mysore. Look for "Mysore" on our schedule.

The Mysore Method

The Mysore Method of teaching consists of highly trained and experienced teachers giving 1-on-1 guidance to students within a group setting. People new to Ashtanga are encouraged to take the Beginner Course which provides the foundations for success in Mysore.

Yoga for Injury Recovery

Ashtanga is the best Yoga for injury recovery due to the flexible nature of Mysore style practice. Our experienced Ashtanga teachers will modify postures (asanas) for you, assisting in recovery from, and prevention of injuries.

Yoga for Stress Relief

Stress relief is one of the most cited benefits to practicing yoga.  In Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, you focus on the breath during movement. This moving meditation provides us the physical strength and mental clarity to handle the pressures of modern life.  Come experience it for yourself.