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AYVic: An Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Victoria BC

AYVic offers Ashtanga based Yoga classes in Victoria.  We currently are the only yoga studio in Victoria that offers Mysore style yoga and have both a morning and evening Mysore classes.  We also offer Ashtanga based led, Flow, and Yin Yoga classes.  Come find us, downtown Victoria BC in beautiful Market Square.

Mysore Style Yoga

Mysore style yoga is unique to Ashtanga. It's an "at-your-own pace" yoga practice, under the guidance and direction of a highly experienced teacher. This private instruction within a group setting provides the flexibility you need to grow and improve where you need it most.

Yoga for Injury Recovery

Ashtanga sometimes gets a bad rap for injuries. But the truth is, that Ashtanga is the best Yoga for injury recovery due to the flexible nature of Mysore. Our experienced Ashtanga teachers will modify postures (asanas) for you, assisting in recovery from, and prevention of injuries.

Yoga for Stress Relief

Stress relief is one of the most profound benefits to practicing yoga.  In Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, you focus on the breath during movement. This moving meditation provides us the physical strength and mental clarity to handle the pressures of modern life.  Come experience it for yourself.

Beginner Yoga in Victoria

Can't touch your toes? That's Perfect.

Everyone has to start somewhere.  We provide individualized step-by-step instruction for yoga beginners, to meet you where you are at. 

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