Arielle Nash - Mar 18 & 19

Breathwork & Intro to Pranayama

Learn correct yoga breathing and a foundational pranayama practice

- Become aware of your current breathing patterns and how they may limit your physical and mental functions

- Learn breathing techniques that will improve your posture and physical response to stimulus

- Train your nervous system to better manage stress and enhance mental clarity

Full Workshop $59

Arielle began to learn pranayama in 2005 from Sri OP Tiwari, one of the last living masters of the science. Having continued her practice, she learned to teach from Paul Dallaghan, the only one to be certified by Tiwari. She has been teaching pranayama for nearly 10 years. 
Holding a degree in Kinesiology, Arielle is gifted in teaching anatomy, physiology and biomechanics within yoga practices.  She is the director of Ashtanga Yoga Victoria, and teaches internationally throughout the year.