Ashtanga Vinyasa & Pranayama Immersion

 with Arielle Nash and Paul Dallaghan

March 9-18 and April 20-29

Two 10-day modules, designed for students and teachers who wish to dive deeper into understanding yoga through daily pranayama and asana practices as well as detailed asana clinics, yoga philosophy and functional anatomy. 

This detailed Immersion gives you:

- Asana Clinics focusing on the foundations of Vinyasa and the Primary Series

- Choice of morning or evening daily asana practice

- A personal pranayama practice

- Meditation and Mantra Practices

- An introduction to yogic kriyas

- Education in yoga philosophy, focusing on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras as it pertains to modern life

- Experiential functional anatomy and Yoga biomechanics study

- the biomechanics of breathing and moving with the breath

- Energetic & Subtle Anatomy

- An introduction to the science of Ayurveda

- Teachers or Students wishing to eventually go on to teaching should take our Teacher Training which includes this Immersion as well as an additional third Module.

Full Immersion $1895
$500 deposit required to reserve your space. Ask us about payment options.

AYVic Members $1650 Until January 30th


Module 1: Biomechanics, Asana & Ayurveda (March 9-18)

Friday March 9

6-8:30p: Meet and Greet, Introduction to the course material and meditation practice.

Saturday & Sunday March 10 & 11

7:00-10:30a: Meditation, Pranayama & Asana practice

12:30-6:00p:  Anatomy Sessions & Asana Clinics

Monday - Friday March 12-16

6:30-7:30a: Meditation & Pranayama

7:30a: Mysore Asana Practice (evening also available)

1:30-5p: Asana Clinics & Mantra Practice

Saturday & Sunday March 17 & 18

7:00-10:30a: Pranayama & Asana practice                      

12:30-6p: Ayurveda Diet & Lifestyle Workshop Sessions & Q&A

Module 2: Asana & Yoga Philosophy (April 20-29)

Friday April 20

6-8:30p: Philosophy Intro, Q&A & Meditation Practice

Saturday & Sunday April 20 & 21

7:00-10:30a: Meditation, Pranayama & Asana practice

12:30-6:00p:  Yoga Philosophy Discussions & Q&A

Monday - Friday April 22 - 27

6:30-7:30a: Meditation & Pranayama

7:30a: Mysore Asana Practice (evening also available)

1:30-5p: Asana Clinics, Philosophy & Breath Practice (except Fri)

Saturday & Sunday April 28 & 29

7:00-10:30a: Contemplation, Pranayama & Led Asana practice

12:30-6p:  Therapeutic Asana & Practice in Daily Life      


Full Immersion: $1695
$500 deposit required to reserve your space.

About the Teachers

LEAD TEACHER - Arielle Nash, CK, E-RYT 500

GUEST TEACHER - Paul Dallghan, PhD(c), KPJAYI certified, Kavailyadham certified

GUEST TEACHER - Anthea Grimason, ERYT500, Ayurvedic Consultant

Arielle Nash is the head teacher at Ashtanga Yoga Victoria, has been teaching yoga for over 15 years, and is a Kinesiologist (biomechanics specialist) by education.

Her teaching is highly influenced by Richard Freeman, Paul Dallaghan and Sri OP Tiwari. She has made several trips to Mysore, India to study with her primary asana teacher,  R. Sharath Jois and returns as often as possible.  Arielle's Full bio is here. 

Paul Dallaghan has been a dedicated student  since the late 1990's of both Sri O.P.Tiwari, one of the few remaining classical yogis and masters of Pranayama, and the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Ashtanga Vinyasa. Both of these great teachers have personally certified Paul in these practices, a unique position as the only one to receive this double honor.

He is currently completely a PhD on the yoga practices at Emroy University in Atlanta.  You can see his full bio here.

Anthea Grimason has been practicing Ashtanga for 10 years and teaching for 8.  She has been fortunate to spend time immersed in study with Paul Dallaghan, Richard Freeman and Prem & Radha.  It was through these experiences that Anthea was motivated to become a health coach, now speclializing in Ayurveda for modern day.

Currently based in San Fransisco, Anthea is a certified Health Coach & Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant through New York's prestigious Institute for Integrated Nutrition . Full bio