Harmony Slater Workshop - Feb 24-26

Handstands, Hip Openers & A Meditative Practice´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐

In 3 Fun Days, Harmony will teach you;

- the best way towards better handstands

- how to cultivate a meditation practice

- Tips & Tricks for opening Hips

Full Workshop $310

Schedule and Pricing

Friday 7-9p: The Goal of Yoga

Kaivalya is the ultimate goal of our yoga practice. Patanjali talks about several ways to cutivate more clarity and concentration in the Yoga Sutras. We will describe these various methods of mindfulness, including a form of Metta Meditation to help increase our overall sense of well-being and loving-kindness.

Saturday 8-10a: Detailed Led Primary

Harmony will lead you through Ashtanga's Primary Series with the traditional Sanskrit count, and include some detailed instruction along the way. Prepare to work very hard! Suitable for all levels.

Saturday 1-3p: Handstands Begin in Primary Series

Learning to balance on your hands begins right from the first sun salutation. Building up strength in the arms and core are key to a solid handstand and are developed through proper jump backs and jump throughs.

Saturday 4-6p: Opening Hips, Protecting Knees, and Leg Behind the Head

Ekapada Sirshasana or "leg behind the head" is a troublesome asana for many practitioners. In this session you will learn techniques to open the hips while protecting the knees and ultimately help you get into Ekapada Sirshasana safely and smoothly.

Sunday 7-9a: Mysore

Mysore is the traditional format for practicing Ashtanga Yoga. Follow your own breath and deepen your focus and meditation skills under Harmony's skillful guidance.

Sunday 11a-1p: Strengthening the Spine - Intro to Second Series

Nadi Shodhana is the name given to the 2nd series of the Ashtanga Yoga system. However, the first few postures regarding this series are classical asanas that are beneficial and accessible to everyone regardless of your level of experience. These asanas help strengthen the spine and promote an open and receptive heart.

Sunday 2-4p: Yoga as a Mirror for Self Study Q&A

Get your practice and yoga related questions answered in a practical and authentic way.

Full Workshop $310

Individual Sessions: $50

Mysore: $40

About Harmony

Harmony is one of only 3 women in Canada, certified by KPJAYI in Mysore India.  Her search for spirituality, health, and balance brought her to Ashtanga Yoga after being a dancer for many years.  She studied Sanskrit at University and holds double degrees in Philosophy and Eastern Religious Studies. During the years she lived in Asia, Harmony also cultivated a deep knowledge of Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga.  Check out her Website here.