David Robson Workshop

Learn to Float - Sep 15-17th, 2017

Focus on the Vinyasa and the essence of asana practice.

- Bring lightness into your practice

- Learn to float your jump throughs

- Deepen your daily practice

Full Workshop $285

Schedule and Pricing

Friday 7-9p: Learn to Float - Graceful Vinyasas

Focusing on the vinyasas of the Sun Salutations, and the transitional jumping vinyasas, this session offers detailed techniques, alignment and energetic principles that take us towards graceful, weightless transitions. 

Saturday 8-10a: Detailed Led Primary - Combing through the Practice

Using the traditional Sanskrit count and focusing on the rhythm of the breath with the specific vinyasa is an invaluable tool for all practitioners and shows respect for the traditional roots of Ashtanga Yoga. Along the way, David will offer some deeply valuable detailed instructions on how to keep your practice clean, correct and consistent.

Saturday 1-3p: Learn to Float - Arm Balances

Arm balances are a powerful tool to help us cultivate focus, strength and self-confidence. From more simple lifts to handstands, David breaks down arm balances into four basic elements. Delving into detailed alignment and energetic principles, this session is useful for students of all levels.

Saturday 4-6p: Pain-Free Backbending

Backbends shouldn't hurt. This workshop will explore the basic alignment and actions of Ashtanga’s Primary & Intermediate Series backbends. By learning correct technique for the poses, take the pain out of backbending and allow your body to safely go deeper into the postures. This workshop is open to practitioners of all levels.

Sunday 8-10a: Mysore Style Self-Practice

Mysore is the traditional format for practicing Ashtanga Yoga. Led classes are a fantastic way to learn about the vinyasa, but Mysore-style is where you follow your own breath and deepen your focus and meditation skills. David leads one of the world’s largest Mysore programs at his home studio.

Sunday 1-3p: Intro to Nadi Shodhana - Key Postures of Intermediate

Ashtanga’s Second Series of postures is designed to cleanse and charge our nervous system. This session will provide an accessible introduction to some of the deeper backbends, hip-openers and arm-balances that make the Intermediate Series such a transformative practice. All levels of practitioners are invited to attend.

Full Workshop $285

Individual Sessions: $55 

Mysore: $40 

About David

David Robson is the director of the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto. After completing a degree in Comparative Religion,

David made his first trip to Mysore, India in 2002, and initiated studies with his teacher Sharath Jois. Since then he has returned annually to deepen and enrich his practice and teaching, and since 2007 has been an Authorized Level 2 teacher.

In addition to running his Mysore program in Toronto, David teaches workshops and retreats around the world, and he has released a popular series of instructional videos on Ashtanga called Learn to Float.